Key progress to date

The iLINKS Informatics Transformation Programme was officially launched at the iLINKS Innovations conference and exhibition in July 2014, where a number of key priorities were identified including: 

  • Tackling Information Governance
  • Identifying and agreeing what information needs to be shared
  • Defining the information technology requirements of the information exchange

Now, over 18 months on, some significant progress has been made including:

  • The development and formal sign off of an Information Sharing Framework for North Mersey
  • The ongoing development of a Digital Technology Roadmap.

Information Sharing Framework

An Information Sharing Framework for North Mersey was formally signed off by Trust Chief Executive Officers at a stakeholder event in July 2015.

This framework has been developed in joint consultation with over 20 organisations, including clinicians and health and social care practitioners, and outlines the processes, principles and procedures to be put in place for the safe, legal and consistent sharing of information.

The Information Sharing Framework will give ALL health and social care staff access to information that is not held in their own organisation’s IT system about the individual that they are caring for.

The framework is role based, ensuring access is strictly controlled according to the role of the practitioner and what they have been authorised to view. This information will be accessible from the IT system staff are used to using. Patients will be asked to consent to their records being viewed.

Digital Technology Roadmap

Key to the delivery of the Information Sharing Framework is the ability for practitioners to access the information they need to support the delivery of care through their main clinical or social care system.

To support this approach, work continues to take place on the development of a Digital Technology Roadmap, which will outline the work needed to join our IT systems together. Work is underway with all current IT suppliers.

For more information and updates in relation to the iLINKS Informatics Transformation Programme, why not join us at this year's iLINKS Innovations conference and exhibition on Thursday 7 July 2016.