The details of those exhibiting at iLINKS Innovations 2020 can be found below.

If you would like to find out more about exhibitor opportunities, please contact the iLINKS Innovations Event Team.



Stand 24, Exhibitor Market Place

Enovacom is a software editor 100% dedicated to healthcare. Our unique software suite, proven in 1,500+ organizations, makes health data exchange easier and improves collaboration between healthcare professionals. Since 2018, Enovacom has joined Orange group through the Orange Business Services subsidiary. Orange group now has 2 e-health subsidiaries : Orange Healthcare and Enovacom, dedicated to the health digital development.

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Stand 3, Exhibitor Market Place

We move caregivers and patients forward with ergonomic products that enhance workflows and drive positive patient experiences. Driven by our devotion to remove constraints inhibiting patient-focused energy, our products are designed to help caregivers thrive. Our adjustable mobile computer carts and documentation stations allow clinicians to input data accurately and comfortably, helping provide the best care for patients. Ergotron service contracts protect your IT investment, minimizing downtime and maximizing stakeholder satisfaction.

Designed to fit a wide variety of bodies, workflows and environments, our products can be ergonomically positioned for any caregiver, minimizing space requirements and helping create the connection between caregiver, patient and their information. They easily maneuver to the point of patient care or any open space.

With more than 30 years of experience creating ergonomic solutions for caregivers worldwide, Ergotron can help you configure options that fit your entire facility.

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G2 Speech

Stand 23, Exhibitor Market Place

At G2 Speech we provide speech recognition software and workflow management solutions tailored to fit the needs of healthcare professionals.
At this exhibition we will be looking to demonstrate our latest and greatest in speech recognition and workflow management solutions. These include:

  • SpeechReport - Our enterprise speech technology software and document management solution
  • SpeechReport Cursor - Speech recognition for any text field including Microsoft Word and Outlook
  • G2 Analytics - Keep track of KPIs with our reporting tool that allows you to report on clinical and operational dataG2 Analytics allows customers to collect, analyse
  • G2 Mobile - Providing information access whilst on the go.

There will also be opportunities to speak to the team about Structured Reporting and Clinical Coding. This innovative way of reporting allows clinicians to simply and quickly create reports, within templates, using speech recognition. Structured Reporting enables clinicians to extract data from patient letters and documents during their day to day reporting.
Healthcare organisations are more frequently looking at cloud computing in an effort to increase efficiencies, improve cash flow, security, and more. Speak to our team about on-premise and cloud solutions available.

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Healthcare Gateway    

Healthcare Gateway

Stand 20, Exhibitor Market Place

Healthcare Gateway is the interoperability specialist and home of the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG).

Our unique middleware technology MIG is available today and used by over 60% of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) across England. The MIG connects 4,000 health and social care organisations across the UK to share 30 million patient records.

We transfer real-time, structured data from health and care organisations to provide bi-directional feeds to healthcare professionals, where they need it, when they need it.

Using information from a wide range of health and social care settings, we provide an integrated view of all the organisations involved in a patient’s care, averaging over 10million transactions each month, with a speed of 1.6 seconds per transaction.

We currently partner with more than 80 systems to consume and provide MIG data to enhance their systems with rich patient data, accessed in a single view at the point of care. As the MIG is compatible with any system, the MIG provides an effective way of sharing real-time data between different systems.

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Stand 15, Exhibitor Market Place

InterSystems is supporting healthcare transformation around the world making the vision of connected health and care a reality.

We enable every care provider in every care setting secure access to a shared electronic health and care record for each patient, giving them all available information to help them make quicker and safer decisions. Our products combine complete information, intuitive workflow and embedded analytics to:

  • Reduce unwarranted variation in care
  • Promote adherence to consistent standards
  • Provide evidence based clinical decision support
  • Minimise reliance on remembering
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Advance population health understanding and management

Over 85 NHS Trusts and Boards are using InterSystems Technology to connect and share information between disparate clinical systems, we know connected care is improved care.

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Stand 14, Exhibitor Market Place

Involve have over a decade experience of working within healthcare environments, which includes installing over 70 MDT rooms, numerous lecture theatres and stroke carts, the development of a secure HSCN based video conferencing platform which is used by over 60 NHS Trusts and organisations, and a telemedicine service that successfully delivers over 36,000 virtual calls per annum, between a Digital Nursing Hub and more than 500 nursing and residential homes across the UK.

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Stand 11, Exhibitor Market Place

Lexmark’s solutions are designed to meet the “Paperless challenge” within the NHS. Few hospitals can make the “big bang” jump from current paper-based technologies to fully digital in one step, and technologies are needed which help make the transition more gradual, using adoption of paper-light techniques and a modular approach through which hospitals can add incremental functionality in line with their ability to change.

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NHS Informatics Merseyside    

NHS Informatics Merseyside

Stand 27, Exhibitor Market Place

Hello. We’re NHS Informatics Merseyside and we provide IT services and support to health and care organisations including major acute and specialist trusts, community and mental health services, clinical commissioning groups, general practitioners and professional bodies.

Established in 2006, we employ more than 200 informatics staff, who work hard to ensure that our health and care professionals have quick and secure access to the information they need to make informed decisions about patient care.

With over 10 years’ experience, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in harnessing the benefits of technology to help deliver better care, improve health and enable people to live life more independently.

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Populo Consulting

Stand 4, Exhibitor Market Place

Populo Consulting care about delivering positive results from digital health solutions.

We help healthcare organisations achieve their strategic business goals using tailored services for the unique challenges of each organisation.

Whether a business case, small project or a large-scale implementation, our care and attention to making it the best it can be is what drives us. To do this we develop and apply our expertise creating solutions tailored and built to meet the individual challenges of our customers; and always stay focused on the outcome.

We are expert consultants in delivering digital health outcomes that improve health and care services. We build that concept of care in everything thing we do to ensure it is innovative, of the highest quality and with impeccable service along the way.

Populo’s focus is within the healthcare sector and we understand the complex demands that are raised during a period of rapid change and development. We recognise that every client is unique, and we take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation before recommending a strategy and pathway which is right for you.

Our approach is all about successful results and value for our clients and their patients. We don’t do things for the sake of it, and we always stay focused on delivering the best outcome and associated value and benefits.

You care for your patients. Populo Consulting cares for your digital health.

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