iLINKS Innovations 2018

iLINKS Innovations is an annual conference and exhibition dedicated to showcasing innovation and technology and exploring the benefits that this can deliver across health and social care.

Organised by NHS Informatics Merseyside, this year's event took place on Thursday 5 July 2018 at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, which was also the 70th anniversary of our NHS

Thank you to all those who attended - our delegates, speakers and exhibitors. A special note of thanks in particular goes to our 2018 event sponsors - EMIS Health, InterSystems and Samsung.

The date for 2019 is currently being finalised, so please watch this space for further details.

Key themes for 2018

The key themes for this year's conference and exhibition were:

NHS 70 theme

NHS@70 - What next for the digital healthcare revolution?

The NHS has long been referred to as one of the greatest achievements in our history and was created out of the ideal that good healthcare should be available to all, irrespective of age, health, race, social status or ability to pay. Whilst these principles remain unchanged, the world we know today is a very different place to the world of 1948 when the NHS was first established. People are living longer, have more complex healthcare needs and wish to be more involved in their own care. New treatment options are also emerging, and while there is continued effort to improve care quality, there remains significant pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency. To address this, technology and innovation is seen as a key enabler to healthcare reform, supporting people to live healthier lives, while transforming the way health and care services are delivered and experienced. At iLINKS18, we will be looking back at the innovations and technology of the past decades, which have helped shape the way we deliver care today. We will also be exploring some of the more recent digital advancements such as the use of 3D printing to support research and prosthetics and most importantly, we will be asking “What next for the digital healthcare revolution?”
Share2Care key theme


Share2Care is the name given to the shared health and social care record programme for people living and working in the North West Coast. The programme is being delivered in collaboration with Cheshire and Merseyside and the Lancashire and South Cumbria Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships and will deliver an electronic shared health and care record as a fundamental tool for the delivery of safe, timely and effective care. For citizens, this programme will help our local population to live happier and healthier lives and will enable our care professionals to deliver high quality care and the creation of a platform for world leading research in biolife sciences. iLINKS18 aims to introduce the Share2Care programme, key workstreams and how this will be instrumental in supporting new models of care, disease prevention, the shift to out of hospital care and local drive towards system-wide sustainability.


Co-designed services theme

Patients and staff as co-designers of healthcare services

Recently, growing attention has been paid to the value of applying design thinking to improve public services. Undoubtedly, the best and biggest resource healthcare organisations have for improving care quality is the knowledge and experience of those using and delivering healthcare services: patients, families and their care providers.Experience of recent co-design projects shows that they can enable patients and staff to come together and jointly reflect on their shared experiences of a service in meaningful and sustainable ways – often identifying useful improvements and more innovative ways of working. Bringing clinicians and IT experts together to help transform ways of working is yet another example of how collaboration and co-design is being used to improve care quality and improvements. iLINKS18 will share examples of the co-design work taking place to shape service provision around the needs of our local neighbourhoods and localities.