Exhibitors for 2018

The following organisations exhibited at iLINKS Innovations 2018.  If you are interested in finding out more about exhibiting at this event in the future, please contact the iLINKS Innovations Event Team.


Brother logo    


Stand 1, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

Printing technology is central to fast, efficient healthcare documentation and communication.

Whether you’re printing prescriptions in a GP consulting room, barcode labels in a laboratory, digitising patient documents in a hospital, using mobile technology in the community, or producing leaflets in a care home,Brother is At Your Side.

We have more than 25 years’ experience working closely with healthcare professionals, from primary and secondary care, pharmacies, aftercare to community provision, so we understand your different needs. We’ve developed specific solutions to help your staff reduce the time spent on administration so they can concentrate on patient care. We also recognise the increasing pressures on the healthcare sector to deliver best value and to purchase sustainable technology.

That’s why our products are affordable, reliable and fit for purpose. 

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Cerner logo    


Stand 15, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

Delivering value, driving change, achieving excellence

At Cerner, we believe in building positive, long-term partnerships that drive value across the health and care landscape. Our intelligent platforms and services connect people, information and care at 27,000+ facilities of all sizes worldwide and help manage the health of 110 million citizens across the globe. Together with clients and industry partners, we’re innovating for the future, integrating entire health and care systems to enable them to deliver smarter, value-based care, better outcomes, and proactively manage and improve the wellbeing of their populations.

Value delivered through partnerships

In the UK, our powerful, open and interoperable Millennium® EHR platform is utilised at 22 NHS Trusts including six of the 16 NHS England Global Digital Exemplars. Our Health Information Exchange (HIE) is connecting over seven million UK records, while our population health intelligence platform HealtheIntentSM is contracted to help clients proactively manage and improve the health of eight million UK citizens.

Value supported by experience

As the UK moves towards outcomes-based models of care, we’re excited to share our experience of partnering with the world’s leading accountable care systems to help you both develop and deliver your vision.

Proven interoperability

Being open and truly interoperable is at the core of patient safety and care efficiency and it’s at the heart of our values. We believe information should move freely between competing systems without barriers to improve patient safety and the experience.

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Stand 23, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

eConsult is very proud to be the nominated provider of online consultations across the HIOW STP. Our solution uses a digital platform that increases patient access to NHS healthcare, actively signposts them to the most appropriate care, and is specifically designed for remote closure and reduction of the need for face to face appointments, increasing efficiencies for clinicians and practices. 

Designed by NHS clinicians for NHS clinicians, we have a persistent focus on safety; eConsult has a strict ongoing Clinical Governance process and red flags built into the system signposting patients to the most appropriate disposition depending upon need.

eConsult is currently the market leader and live in over 400 practices serving a patient population of approximately 3.6m and are the provider of the Bexley NHS Online pilot, a blueprint for the future of a digital NHS, integrating both Primary and Urgent Care.

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Egton logo    


Stand 10, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

We offer close to 20 years’ experience in supplying software and services to support the operation of over 5,000 healthcare organisations.

We are your digital partner. Enabling you to provide a better service and improve patient care by embedding the right technology at the right time.

Our range of back office solutions and managed services drive sustainable efficiency savings throughout your organisation, streamlining processes allowing you to focus more time helping people.

Whether improving the patient experience, providing mobile working solutions or technology integrated with your clinical system, everything we do is backed up with first class support from our nationwide engineers and 24/7 technical desk.

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EMIS Health sponsor of iLINKS Innovations    

EMIS Health

Stand 11, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

EMIS Health is the leader in connected healthcare software and services.

We provide every health sector with innovative technology, from market-leading clinical management systems to health analytics tools – combined with unrivalled customer support.

We’re unique. Unlike any other organisation, our systems are used in every major healthcare setting – from GP surgeries to high street pharmacies, community and mental healthcare, hospitals and specialist services.

We’re clinically focused. We enable clinicians to provide safe and efficient care. Our technology is used by more clinicians in the UK than any other provider.

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Evergreen Life

Stand 21, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

At Evergreen Life we’re about putting the individual at the heart of their own health decisions. Our personal health record app helps people take control of their own health, fitness and wellbeing.

We’re the only patient facing services provider that is available across all three major GP systems in England. Over 500,000 people are using our patient facing services to view and download their GP record, order repeat prescriptions and book GP appointments.

In Evergreen Life you can track, record and monitor everything, from allergies and medications, to your heart rate and blood pressure through to your body fat percentage and waist to hip ratio. Your personal health record can be shared with healthcare professionals to bring them up to speed with your health and to ensure that you get the most well informed care possible.

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Fortrus Logo    

Fortrus Ltd

Stand 13, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

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G2 Speech    

G2 Speech

Stand 9, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

G2 Speech is a market-leading speech technology company. Working with health and social care professionals we help to increase productivity, reduce turnaround times and reduce costs with our digital dictation and speech recognition solutions. The company provides state-of-the-art software which enables a simple speech to text solution. Our software enables professionals across the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Luxemburg to save time on reporting and document creation.

Our solutions are easy to use and are proven to have vast return on investment. This is achieved through workflow optimisation and has enabled our customers to increase accuracy to 98%, reduce turnaround times to 24 hours and reduce costs by over £3.5million.

Working with the NHS and other healthcare providers, our aim is to support digitising healthcare by 2020 by providing high quality, paperless solutions.

Together we can provide timely access to accurate, information and ensure efficient co-ordination of person-centred care.

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Healthcare Gateway logo    

Healthcare Gateway

Stand 12, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

We’re Healthcare Gateway, the interoperability specialist and home of the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG). We connect different healthcare software systems to support faster, more effective care. The MIG is widely recognised as the national interoperability solution. It can share patient data between any of health and social care system and connects more than 180 organisations across England.

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Stand 14, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

Solve difficult problems with innovative software solutions

Whether it be in local government, housing or health and social care our focus is on delivering the best user experiences whilst simultaneously optimising service delivery. We don't simply iterate on what others do as we believe technology is an enabler of change.

IEG4 are proud to be the first public sector supplier to deliver:

  • Digital process automation for Continuing Healthcare assessment in NHS CCG’s
  • Social Prescribing software supplier to Well North – a public Health England initiative
  • NHS England SBRI recipient to develop hospital discharge software platform
  • A single digital platform across many services that enable users to track the progress of any request they make
  • Robotic automation of highly complex benefit claims into back office applications
  • A secure multi-agency case management solution for Social Care / Health
  • A welfare solution capable of automating decisions in the same way banks automate credit decisions

IEG4 has been recognised at a global level by Microsoft for many of its innovations and has been Microsoft Partner of the Year for Government.

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ISD logo    

Informatics Skills Development Network

Stand 5, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

The North West Skills Development Network (NWSDN) is an innovative learning and development network offering development opportunities from Apprentice through to Director Level. Initially set up to support the development of the finance function, the Network now encompasses informatics and procurement staff and is looking to broaden its learning & development provision to wider stakeholder groups across the North West.

The NWSDN is proactive in identifying and providing learning & development opportunities to meet organisational needs, encouraging and facilitating the sharing of best practice and learning through Network events. These events are highly regarded and also demonstrate best value for organisations through shared learning.

The NWSDN provides a robust infrastructure to effectively support the continuous development of the Finance, Informatics, Payroll and Procurement functions across the North West. This is in line with the NHS Constitutions’ pledge to provide all staff with the right skills and professional development to facilitate the delivery of excellent patient care.

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Innovation agency    

Innovation Agency

Stand 17, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

The Innovation Agency is the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) for the North West Coast, covering Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and South Cumbria.

They are one of 15 AHSNs funded by NHS national commissioners to spread innovations which have been demonstrated to improve health and reduce costs; and they support health systems in transformation and improvement.

The Agency is one of 15 AHSNs in England who work together in a national AHSN Network to roll out national innovation programmes and digital health initiatives, as well as local programmes. Staff include teams focussed on transformation; digital; business support; patient safety; European funded programmes; and quality improvement.

They support Cheshire and Merseyside digital health programmes through their North West Coast Digital Expert Group and as a partner within Share2Care.

View a short video here.

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InterSystems event sponsor of iLINKS Innovations 2018


Stand 16, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

At InterSystems we believe empowering healthcare to improve care matters.

Healthcare is changing rapidly, driven by new technology and new models of care delivery and funding. While health funding and delivery differs around the world, the goals are the same. Create high value, sustainable healthcare systems where the ability to pay for care balances demand and desired outcomes.

Our vision for this transformation is simple - empower care providers and connect care communities around clearly presented, easy-to-use, and comprehensive health information.

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In touch with health logo    

Intouch with Health

Stand 18, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

Intouch with Health was established in 1999 and specialises in delivering IT-based patient flow management solutions to help Hospitals and private healthcare providers, in the UK and internationally, increase organisational efficiency and deliver an improved patient experience.

Intouch’s product set takes a holistic approach to patient flow management, from registering patient arrival via Patient Self Check-in, (including mobile solutions), calling patients to appointments via Patient Calling and accurately recording patient pathways using eOutcomes.

Intouch’s product set delivers key benefits for patients and all levels of hospital management and has a proven Return on Investment of between 8 and 12 months.

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iPLATO logo    

iPLATO Healthcare

Stand 20, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

iPLATO Healthcare is a London-based Health Tech company working in partnership with clinicians to help healthcare commissioners connect patients and transform care through digital technology. We currently serve over 18 million of patients and thousands of healthcare professionals every day while leading research and innovation in preventive and public health.

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NHS England logo    

NHS England

Stand 22, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

NHS England leads the National Health Service (NHS) in England. We set the priorities and direction of the NHS and encourage and inform the national debate to improve health and care.

We want everyone to have greater control of their health and their wellbeing, and to be supported to live longer, healthier lives by high quality health and care services that are compassionate, inclusive and constantly-improving.

NHS England shares out more than £100 billion in funds and holds organisations to account for spending this money effectively for patients and efficiently for the tax payer.

A lot of the work we do involves the commissioning of health care services in England. We commission the contracts for GPs, pharmacists, and dentists and we support local health services that are led by groups of GPs called Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). CCGs plan and pay for local services such as hospitals and ambulance services.

We have devised a strategic vision for the NHS, along with our partners in health, called the Five Year Forward View. And now, with our partners, we are delivering that vision.

This vision shows that we are getting serious about prevention, identifying and delivering improvements in health care, redesigning the NHS so it continues to meet the needs of patients, ensuring the NHS is financially sustainable and engaging the public in this whole process.

We strongly believe in health and high quality care for all, now and for future generations.

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NHS Informatics Merseyside

NHS Informatics Merseyside

Stand 28, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

Hello. We’re Informatics Merseyside and we provide IT services and support to health and care organisations including major acute and specialist trusts, community and mental health services, clinical commissioning groups, general practitioners and professional bodies.

Established in 2006, we employ more than 200 informatics staff, who work hard to ensure that our health and care professionals have quick and secure access to the information they need to make informed decisions about patient care.

With over 10 years’ experience, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in harnessing the benefits of technology to help deliver better care, improve health and enable people to live life more independently.

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Stand 24, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

Lexacom is the leading provider of digital dictation and workflow software for Primary Care and is now used by over 50 per cent of GPs in the UK.

Lexacom now combines all the benefits of Lexacom 3 Digital Dictation and document creation, with the added advantages of multisite working and secure information sharing with Lexacom Connect, the latest speech recognition technology with Lexacom Echo, the ability to dictate on the move with Lexacom Mobile and full integration with all four major clinical systems in the UK.

Built to the highest NHS-approved encryption standards, Lexacom is the ultimate step forward in improving efficiency and the first choice for healthcare professionals.

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Stand 27, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

max20 Recruitment

Since 2001, max20 has been solely committed to supplying the very best value for money non-medical, non-clinical specialist staff to the NHS and the wider healthcare community.

Over the past 17 years we have provided thousands of people dedicated to making a difference to patient care within the NHS.

Our main contribution has been within IT and Informatics but over the years this has broadened out to include all non-medical sectors across all agenda for change pay bands. Thus, we can offer the NHS the breadth and depth of supply unseen by any other supplier.

The quality of the staff we supply has been consistently so good that a large proportion have accepted permanent positions within the NHS.

max20 Project Solutions

max20 Project Solutions are leaders in providing project solutions to the NHS and wider healthcare community across the United Kingdom - we develop, plan, implement and support sustainable solutions to improve healthcare outcomes.

max20 Project Solutions exists to help the NHS meet and solve the ever growing challenges facing the sector.

Our solutions-focused approach gives you the client a defined timeline with clear deliverables with identified resource plans at a cost to meet your needs and budget.

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Medxnote logo    


Stand 8, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

Medxnote is a secure and compliant communication platform for healthcare. It’s designed to replace Hospital Pagers and unsecure WhatsApp and Text messaging. What sets Medxnote apart is our ‘Chatbot’ technology that can intelligently communicate with a hospital’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) using the latest HL7 FHIR standard. Medical facilities can now build their own Medical Chatbots, leveraging their existing clinical data and business intelligence to create game changer workflow improvements. 

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Stand 6, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

Parsek is a company specialised in Healthcare IT, which provides collaboration and integration of solutions to various stakeholders in the Health & Care market. With headquarters in Vienna, Austria, and product development centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the company serves numerous clients across the EMEA region. Supported by global partners who have been shaping the digital industry for decades, Parsek's solutions provide more accessible healthcare services to millions of citizens. Our main product line Vitaly eHealth Platform is a leading enterprise-grade patient engagement platform that connects hospitals, physicians, post-care institutions, rehabilitation centres, health insurers, healthcare service providers and patients.

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Populo Consulting    

Populo Consulting

Stand 3, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

Populo Consulting assist healthcare organisations achieve digital care excellence through the optimum use of technology, people and process.

Using our consultancy and advisory service, you can tap into our top team’s unparalleled knowledge and skills to get fast and focused solutions.

We will help you:

  • Get to the heart of the problem - the real organisational issues and challenges that you face
  • Define the answers and the projects needed to get results
  • Set out long term solutions and put together business cases and transformation programmes
  • Ensure you are ready for change

We can quickly baseline and identify solutions for those pain points in your organisation. Working with all levels of staff and using the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience of our team, we can then support your organisation to:

  • Set up projects needed to boost results, speed up patient flow and improve performance
  • Become change-ready
  • Embed and optimise new systems and approaches
  • Meet the adoption challenge – you only reap the benefits of your investment if your new systems and processes are used, and used well, by the organisation

Our team has decades of experience in reviewing and base-lining organisations and exploring data-driven options to find savings and increased workflow productivity.

Our solutions have clear results:

  • Better outcomes for patients
  • Changing behaviour and culture
  • Cost savings
  • Improved business processes and data collection
  • Long term sustainability of results

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Restart Consulting    

Restart Consulting and Viper 360 

Stand 25, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

Is this you?

  • You’ve got hundreds of new and legacy IT systems and you need them to integrate
  • Your neighbouring STP organisations need access to your data, but you want control  
  • You’ve not been selected for an Exemplar or NHS IT funding programme
  • You don’t have £2m let alone £20m for your shared care record project
  • You’re under pressure to release clinical and efficiency benefits through interoperability
  • You’re short of time to focus on and deliver integration projects
  • You need to enable interoperability across multiple vendor platforms

The Viper360 Presentation Layer

The only multi-directional open interoperability platform that can help health and care organisations build towards a full shared care record at pace.

The Presentation Layer offers multiple users, across a range of services, a bespoke view of all available information about a patient. It supports the requirement to write-back to the source systems based on user RBAC status. This covers all clinicians, patients, social care and healthcare users.

Based on over 10 years of integration expertise and experience, the Viper360 Presentation Layer has been built to allow multiple users (clinicians, users and patients) to view, review and write back into multiple IT systems in real-time.

How is the Presentation Layer different to a portal?

A portal, such as a patient portal, offers patient centric visibility of their data which they can consent to being viewed by many clinicians. Information is managed and shared through a single-to-many relationship.

The Viper360 Presentation Layer goes further. It is a system for care professionals that can be scaled to include patient interaction. In short, it offers a broader many-to-many relationship to patient data allowing conditions for professionals to interact in real-time.

Key features the of the Presentation Layer:

  • Many-to-many view vs single-to-many
  • Creates a Virtual Patient Record within the Presentation Layer
  • Supports Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) collaboration
  • Pulls information in real-time from any available source system
  • Minimises clinical risk by maximising data availability
  • Highly configurable offering role-based access and bespoke user views
  • Fast to deploy

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Samsung logo    


Stand 2, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

Samsung is using cutting-edge technology to develop intuitive new ways of working to bring healthcare into the digital world.

Improving patient care with digital remedies

  • Samsung technology is helping UK hospitals do more, be more effective and improve the patient experience.
  • Clinicians in a connected hospital have instant access to patient information through screens, mobiles and tablets.
  • This move to a paperless system means the speed of care is improved and the risk of infections, such as Sepsis, is vastly reduced.
  • Patients are better informed too and given a clearer view on their treatments from the moment they check in, right through until they’re discharged.

Samsung is enabling carers and their organisations to work smarter with mobiles and tablets. These devices coupled with the appropriate software allow access to patient records and dynamic scheduling. This creates extremely efficient working practices for carers.

Digital transformation is a big priority because of the frustrations around today’s paper-based processes. Smarter ways of working mean carers can better schedule their daily appointments. Carers can achieve more in their day, provide better assistance to service users and feel more satisfied with their work.

Samsung devices reduce travel time by letting carers know exactly where they need to be and the quickest route to take to get there. Once they arrive at the service user’s home, their details are readily available on the same device and new notes or records can instantly be added.

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Servelec logo    


Stand 19, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

Servelec HSC specialises in the design, development, deployment and support of software in healthcare together with social care and education within local government. We are the market leader in the mental and community health sectors in England and within social care in the UK.

Servelec HSC has over 20 years experience in developing clinically-driven, enterprise-wide solutions for use within the NHS and private healthcare organisations and has a software suite that covers Electronic Patient Records, Patient Administration Systems, Patient Flow Bed Management, Clinical Information Systems, e-Observations, e-Prescribing technologies which are fully supported on mobile and Portal solutions.

Within a social care setting, Servelec provides its case management system across adults, children’s and finance, supporting all the activities of a social care practice (case notes, reviews and demographic details) and also includes financial management systems (contract management, budget reviews, payments) to effectively control all financial elements related to the delivery of social care – all of which are fully supported on mobile and Portal Solutions.

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Stand 4, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

Demanding service desks trust Sunrise to deliver world class Service Management software that is resilient, scalable and flexible. For over 20 years, Sunrise has actively resolved the needs and processes of IT Service Management (ITSM), HR service desks and Managed and Shared Service Providers with its configurable platform and intuitive applications. An IBM Registered Partner on the IBM Cloud platform, Sunrise instils its customers with confidence in its solutions, whether SaaS or premise based. Sunrise meets SDI compliance audits for Performance Results Reporting 2017 and is proud to supply its software to NHS Informatics Merseyside and other service desk organisations within the NHS.

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VANAD Enovation logo    

VANAD Enovation

Stand 26, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

Go Digital, Stay Human!

Experts in Systems Integration and Robotic Process Automation, we take pride in providing real world practical solutions to common everyday problems faced across the health and social care enterprise, and have been doing so for over 30 years! Yes we need to embrace technology and Go Digital, but we must never forget that it’s our people that make the real difference.

Optimise productivity and eliminate wasted time; enable simple communication and collaboration between IT systems and between people; and embrace a digital workforce that can adapt and scale quickly to complement and/or free up staff time.

myhealthConnect – NEW for 2018! Our latest innovation working in partnership with Qualcomm has unlocked the data from wearable medical devices and can now be delivered to ANY capable system. Demo’s available on demand during the exhibition.

Please come and talk to us to find out how we can help you work smarter, not harder.

Visit the VANAD Enovation website

wiggly amps    

Wiggly Amps

Stand 7, Exhibitor Market Place, Golden Miller Suite, Earl of Derby Stand

Wiggly-Amps is a dedicated provider of patient-facing services for the healthcare sector.

Our expertise lies in developing user-friendly and secure systems which make clinicians lives easier and ensure a safe working environment for all staff. Wiggly-Amps also created the original on-screen panic alarm system: Little Green Button.

We are passionate about developing and implementing products which simplify, digitise and safeguard the workplace. Our clients tell us how our products have helped empower their staff and patients whilst streamlining administrative tasks to achieve a cost-effective, efficient working environment.

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