This year's iLINKS Innovations conference and exhibition was kindly sponsored by EMIS Health, InterSystems and Samsung.

If you would like to find out more about future event sponsorship or exhibitor opportunities, please contact the iLINKS Innovations Event Team.

EMIS Health

EMIS Health

EMIS Health is the leader in connected healthcare software and services.

We provide every health sector with innovative technology, from market-leading clinical management systems to health analytics tools – combined with unrivalled customer support.

We’re unique. Unlike any other organisation, our systems are used in every major healthcare setting – from GP surgeries to high street pharmacies, community and mental healthcare, hospitals and specialist services.

We’re clinically focused. We enable clinicians to provide safe and efficient care. Our technology is used by more clinicians in the UK than any other provider.

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InterSystems logo


InterSystems believe empowering healthcare to improve care matters.

Healthcare is changing rapidly, driven by new technology and new models of care delivery and funding. While health funding and delivery differs around the world, the goals are the same. Create high value, sustainable healthcare systems where the ability to pay for care balances demand and desired outcomes.

Our vision for this transformation is simple - empower care providers and connect care communities around clearly presented, easy-to-use, and comprehensive health information.

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Samsung is using cutting-edge technology to develop intuitive new ways of working to bring healthcare into the digital world.

Improving patient care with digital remedies

  • Samsung technology is helping UK hospitals do more, be more effective and improve the patient experience.
  • Clinicians in a connected hospital have instant access to patient information through screens, mobiles and tablets.
  • This move to a paperless system means the speed of care is improved and the risk of infections, such as Sepsis, is vastly reduced.
  • Patients are better informed too and given a clearer view on their treatments from the moment they check in, right through until they’re discharged.

Samsung is enabling carers and their organisations to work smarter with mobiles and tablets. These devices coupled with the appropriate software allow access to patient records and dynamic scheduling. This creates extremely efficient working practices for carers.

Digital transformation is a big priority because of the frustrations around today’s paper-based processes. Smarter ways of working mean carers can better schedule their daily appointments. Carers can achieve more in their day, provide better assistance to service users and feel more satisfied with their work.

Samsung devices reduce travel time by letting carers know exactly where they need to be and the quickest route to take to get there. Once they arrive at the service user’s home, their details are readily available on the same device and new notes or records can instantly be added.

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